Under the Rose by Diana Peterfreund

Senior year isn't going quite as Amy Haskel would have liked. Sure, she's at prestigious Ivy League Eli University and she's also a member of that oh-so exclusive secret society the Rose & Grave, but Amy is quickly finding out balancing classes, a senior thesis, and society business is not all it's cracked up to be. Once again, the R&G seems to be falling apart as the current members receive vague warnings threatening that the society is rotting from the inside out. What's more, a traitor, who is slowly spilling society secrets, is on the loose and has everyone up in arms and once again convinced that admitting girls to the R&G was the worst idea EVER. Amy doesn't know which of her brothers has leaked the information but she isn't about to trust any of them on her quest for the truth - hoping that it doesn't destroy the Rose & Grave along the way. Just once, Amy would like to enjoy being a part of her society without all the worry and fear.

The second installment of Peterfreund's tell-all novels plunges us right back into the world of Amy's not-so-ordinary college experience. Standing out in this series is Amy with her blinding intelligence and loyalty, she is instantly likable and an unforgettable narrator. She is neurotic and doesn't always understand her worth, but she ALWAYS gets the job done. What's not to love? At times, I felt the drama and society debates dragged on a bit and rehashed the same topic over and over but there was always some witty dialogue or snarky remark that would bring a smile back to my face. A fun, summer read that hopefully continues to be just as enjoyable.

Now if only I could convince my library to buy the last two books in the series...

reading order:
~ Secret Society Girl
~ Under the Rose
~ Rites of Spring (Break)
~ Tap & Gown

Summer Reading Blitz
update: 6/30


Angiegirl said...

There were several stand-out scenes for me in this one. The one where she walks out on George being at the top of the list. I love how clear-headed she is at that moment and exactly what she says to him. Also, the train ride to NYC and Poe's little scuffle with Micah Price. Hehehe.

Random question, did you move and chop your hair? Saw new pic on GoodReads and I swear you used to not be in OH. The bob looks awesome, btw.

Michelle said...

Poe knocking out Micah was Priceless! I loved Poe's reaction afterwards too.

Yea, we recently moved to OH for the summer - gotta love internships, but we'll be back in Utah by August. I miss the Orem Library tons - you are close to it right? And as for the hair, I've had it like this for almost a year now but have been too lazy to change the pic!!

Angiegirl said...

Oh, I know. He was so funny freaking out.

Glad you'll be back. Yeah, we're real close to the library. I love it.