Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

Devi Morris is one ambitious mercenary. Having reached the highest rank possible in the elite fighting squadron the Blackbirds (unless she wants a cushy desk job that is, which she doesn't), Devi has set her sights on becoming one of the toughest armored fighters in all of Paradox: one of the famed Devastators. Which is why despite warnings of certain doom she decides to follow a lead and signs on with the trader ship the Glorious Fool. A ship that has a reputation for turning out Devastators after just one year of service -- at least the ones that make it out alive. But for Devi, this fast-track to her ultimate goal could prove deadly if she isn't careful. Lucky for her she's never been one to shy away from a long shot.

Ever since I became hooked on space operas (I'm looking at you Linnea Sinclair and Ann Aguirre), I have been utterly disappointed by the serious lack of quality books in this particular genre. Many, many thanks to one of my favorite authors Ilona Andrews for bringing Fortune's Pawn to my attention. If I didn't already love them for Kate Daniels, I would for this book alone. I cannot even begin to gush how incredible Fortune's Pawn is. It's stellar. Out of this world. Annnnd I'm gonna stop now. Just know, it's fantastic. Devi is the best of kind of brash, in-your-face fighter who would never apologize for being anything other than who and what she is. Although she is a bit fanatical about her guns and specialized armor, Devi has this profound sense of loyalty and honor that belies her first impression as a brainless fighter. She's quick and clever and never afraid of taking charge. And I love her to pieces.

Once aboard the Fool, Devi comes face to face with a perfectly eccentric and unique group of otherworldly crew mates: there's a giant bird-like creature who serves as navigator, a ship's doctor whose species who tends to look upon humans more as snacks than as patients, and a handsome cook who is decidedly good with more than just a saucepan to name a few. It's this supporting cast who add layers of humor and intrigue to an already brilliant story which makes Devi's journey so much more enjoyable.

The action is non-stop and I was constantly on the edge of my seat at whatever new catastrophe Devi had flung herself headlong into. Throw in some space travel and nightmare inducing aliens and I was hooked good. Happily, Devi has just barely begun unraveling all the mysteries surrounding her new captain and crew mates. Just please, someone get me Honor's Knight pronto! I have to know how Devi gets herself out of her latest fix like, now.

Series reading order:
~ Fortune's Pawn
~ Honor's Knight
~ Heaven's Queen

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