Twofer: Blade Song & Night Blade by J. C. Daniels

Like many of you I often find myself reading books based on the reviews of others. There are, however, a few reviewers I trust implicitly, so when I received a recommendation from one of my favorite book pusher friends Angie, strongly suggesting I pick up Blade Song and Night Blade by J. C. Daniels like, right now, well, you can be sure I sat up and took notice. And since I read both books in a matter of days (really, you could probably count it in hours), I'm gonna post this review as a twofer. Because I'm thoughtful like that.

As a private investigator serving the supernatural community of East Orlando, Kit Colbana takes on all sorts of jobs -- well, at least until business gets better she does. Delivering messages, a little light spying, missing persons; her half-human blood and her own brand of magic enables her to do it all even if some cases suit her tastes more than others. But from the moment a particular shapeshifter strolls into her office, all charm and assurances of easy money, she wants nothing to do with this particular case. That is until she learns it's about a missing shifter teen -- Kit has a soft spot for runaways -- and that someone might be targeting such runaways does she reluctantly agree. And like everything else Kit dives into, trouble is hot on her heels as she fights to simply get the kid -- and herself -- out of it all alive.

Whew. That rather generic cover (ho hum...another scowling girl with a sword) for Blade Song did not prepare me in the slightest for what J. C. Daniels had in store for Kit or myself. Kit Colbana is a force to be reckoned with. She is brash and damaged but not cliched, her demons are absolute but Kit just. doesn't. quit. Ever. She's scrappy and mouthy and she can freaking hear her sword singing to her. I'm quite partial to women whose favorite accessory is a sharp sword. Combine that with a bitingly smart tongue, Kit is no push-over. Which is exactly what she needs to be to hold her own against the more powerful shapeshifters and vampires headed her way. All that rigorous training as an assassin she endured as a teenager coupled with her expertise with an enchanted sword proves that Kit is more than a match to those deemed of 'superior' strength. Throw in some seriously witty dialogue and terrifyingly non-stop action and I admit to falling fast and hard for this first installment of the Colbana Files. I couldn't wait to return to this gritty world and thankfully was able to jump right back in with Night Blade, already queued up and waiting for me.

***SPOILERS FOR BLADE SONG*** I wouldn't do this to you normally, but go read the first book already. Then we can discuss Night Blade. Trust me, you aren't going to want to miss this one.

Time has passed since Kit rescued the missing shifter teens and Damon (the charming cat shapeshifter mentioned above) became the alpha of clan of cats. Still settling into their new and thrillingly serious relationship, Kit is starting to find a small bit of peace and even happiness with Damon. Not without bumps of course, but they wouldn't be Kit and Damon without bumps. Still, she'd do anything for Damon which is why when a former flame turned government worker drops a case into her lap she can't refuse, Kit is faced with the terrifying prospect of having to clear Damon's name -- or else. To make matters worse she can't talk to anyone about the case -- again, or else.

If I only had one word to describe Night Blade to you it would be gutting. Seriously J. C. Daniels is a genius for penning a book so filled with layered emotions and the complicated consequences of fighting for those you love that it simply left me reeling. I mean, Blade Song was good but Night Blade? Night Blade is freaking dinner. So much happens in this book that it boggles the mind how deftly J. C. Daniels was able to juggle all the threads with equally strong results. And unlike my first gut reaction to all the secrecy involved, Kit's inability to come clean with Damon just made the story all the more compelling - not less so, as I would have predicted.

One thing I adore about these books is the assortment of friends Kit collects along the way (in addition to the one man force of nature known as Damon Lee): Damon's ward Doyle, the scarily helpful witches, Damon's best friend - the shadowy Chang, not to mention all the misfits from Wolf Haven. All combined, this motley collection gives Kit support when she least expects it but when she typically needs it the most. But the heart and soul of Night Blade really is Kit and Damon's complicated relationship. She's half-human, he's an alpha shapeshifter and when their worlds collide it's of the supernova variety. That said, they work so well together -- charming and overly protective on both ends, just expressed in their own explosive way. Which is why I'm going to be purposefully vague and simply say: I was so so so not prepared for that ending. I year is an awful long time to wait for Broken Blade. But you better believe I'll be there all the way.

series reading order:
~ Blade Song
~ Night Blade
~ Broken Blade (January 2014)

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