Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Why hello there my dear bloggy friends! Can I say how much I've missed you all? It's true. For some reason I just haven't really been feeling the 'vibe' to sit down and review any books of late but after I finished Patricia Briggs' latest Alpha & Omega novel, Fair Game, in one sitting I just knew I was gonna have to pimp it out to everyone I possibly know. Now I've been a Mercy Thompson fan for some time. I love every single tiny thing about that series. Sadly the first couple books in the Alpha & Omega spin-off series never really did much for me. I confess to picking them up in hopes of catching of glimpse of the Mercy gang or Bran(!) between books but never really investing much in the story itself. Well, I can honestly say that Ms. Briggs changed all that with Fair Game. It it truly one fantastic book and I am now fully on board with Anna and Charles.

Since the werewolves went public and thus penalties for wolves stepping out of line have become harsher, the Marrok's enforcer (who also happens to be his son), Charles, has been putting in more hours as the pack's assassin and is starting to feel the strain. Anna has watched him pull away from her for almost a year but still feels powerless, despite her abilities as an Omega, to help soothe his guilt. Knowing her husband is in trouble, Anna confronts Bran hoping that he can figure out some way to keep Charles sane. So it happens that Anna and Charles are sent to Boston to work with the FBI and Homeland Security on a serial killer case who recently added a few werewolves to his list of victims. Charles is on such a slim thread that the least provocation in this tightrope case could send him over the edge, but Anna is determined to remind her husband that he is the hero and not a villain.

I think some of my previous issues with this series was that for some reason, Anna still seemed to carry around the 'victim' vibe. Now, I know she fought off some major baddies (with the help of Charles) but I never just felt like she was truly standing up for herself. But from the very first chapter of Fair Game (at least the first one she appears in) she's laying down the law (to Bran no less) and fighting for those she loves. I don't know how to put it other than it's like Ms. Briggs finally became comfortable with her characters in Fair Game. The story flowed, the characters sparkled (I'm looking at you Anna and yes, you Leslie), and the action was pitch-perfect. Most of all I did't feel like Charles and Anna were so unbalanced as a couple -- despite facing some serious issues. They stood up for each other (Anna especially), they relied on each other. They just seemed to finally work as a believable couple. Friends, this book was just so...perfect.  I don't know how else to say it other than that. It was perfect. Go read it and have your mind changed too.

And Ms. Briggs? If you happen to read this review know that I'd pay really, really, really good money to read a book about Bran. Really good. Anybody else with me here?

series reading order:
~ "Alpha & Omega" (novella) in On the Prowl collection
~ Cry Wolf
~ Hunting Ground - my review
~ Fair Game

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book source: my local library