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Guest post for Chachic's Book Nook Amour et Florand
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Author Interviews
Ann Aguirre  
Simone Elkeles
Esther Friesner 
Julia Hoban
C.K. Kelly Martin - character interview with Mason from The Lighter Side of Life and Death 
Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Suzanne Morgan Williams - guest post 
Brenna Yovanoff 

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I gladly accept all sorts of books for review. Usually my genres of choice include young adult, fantasy, and urban fantasy, but I will most likely read just about anything you put in front of me including: paranormal, mystery, chick lit, science-fiction, etc. Please feel free to email me.

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Welcome! My name's Michelle and I inhale an insane amount of books every week and have found this here blog to be a good outlet for said addiction. Most of the time I'm known as Mommy to three kidlets who try their best to run me off my feet. But they're keepers. I'm also happily married to an engineer and he's a keeper too.

I studied art history and ballroom dance at Brigham Young University and hold a ridiculously soft spot for anything Russian (ballet, those furry hats, and Dostoevsky, baby). After a few years working in a city library, I finally found my true home as a freelance fiction editor. I copy edit and proofread manuscripts in a variety of genres at Write On Editing.

And maybe it's the librarian in me, but I still get giddy anytime someone asks me "So, do you know any good books to read?" Why yes. Yes, I do.

Authors & Publishers
**At this time, I am not accepting books for review**

Feel free to drop me an e-mail ( with any questions you might have. If you are looking for a professional editor, please check out Write On Editing.

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Literary Love

Inaugurated in February 2010, Literary Love was created as a two week long celebration of those unforgettable and extraordinary literary couples we've had the privilege to meet - recently or long ago - in our favorite books. During those two weeks leading up to Valentines Day, Literary Love festivities will span a variety of genres to  include guest posts, giveaways, book reviews and the occasional love letter to a certain memorable character.

If you are interested in contribuing to Literary Love 2011 (guest post, giveaway, review, etc.), please feel free to email me.

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