Literary Love: But where are they now?

So I know the Literary Love festivities are officially over but...


Today while you're throwing away all those leftover conversation hearts (you didn't buy Necco? Oh NOS!), let me share with you what has to be part hilarious, part social commentary and altogether highly addictive. I give you: The Fallen Princesses series by the very talented artist Dina Goldstein.

Ever wonder what happened to Little Red after foiling the Big Bad Wolf or how Belle managed to stay bella for her image obsessed Beast? The irreverent Ms. Goldstein would like to take a moment to turn your beloved Disney-fied fairy tales into an up-close and personal cautionary tale.

Enjoy. But don't say I didn't warn you.


Holly said...

LOVED this! Thanks Michelle. :D

Michelle said...

Holly - It gave me a nice chuckle - especially Jasmine!!