The Little Lady Agency and the Prince by Hester Browne

Just a warning: If you haven't already read the first two Little Lady Agency books, you may want to hold off reading this review - that is unless you don't mind a bit of a spoiler - I'll try to keep things to a minimum, but BEWARE.

Okay, onto the story. Melissa is back as The Little Lady who can solve any problem. No bachelor too scruffy, no family crisis too daunting - she's there to sort it all out. Her reputation has spread so much that she is hired to help Prince Nicolas clean up his bad boy partying ways for a shot at regaining the family castle. Nicky is more than a little charming and Mel feels she's in over her head especially after her sister unexpectedly gives birth and decides no one but Mel can plan the perfect christening for her son. And perhaps find the perfect name for said baby while she's at it. Ugh. All the while, she's trying to enjoy being engaged to the successful, romantic Jonathan Riley which isn't going entirely according to plan since his relocation to Paris. Unfortunately, Jonathan has his own ideas for Mel's Little Lady Agency and Melissa must sort out her own feelings before her life competely changes.

After dealing with Jonathan trying to control Melissa and her business for the past two books, I did my very own little happy dance when Melissa finally puts her foot down concerning a few troubling issues. Sometimes I wonder just who does Jonathan think he is?? He keeps setting up all these rules for Mel: first no pretending to be anyone's girlfriend (sort of understandable), then no wig (Eek!), then no agency (double Eek!)?? I just don't get why Mel is so head over heels with him when in every book she is basically crying her heart out becuase Remington doesn't quite see her for who she really is. But Ms. Browne does clear up all sorts of murky relationship issues and leaves me more than optimistic about Melissa's future.

After reading this series, enjoyable as it was, it's safe to say I'm done with chick-lit for a little while. I think I need a break from all this happily-ever-after stuff.

reading order:
~ The Little Lady Agency
~ Little Lady, Big Apple
~ The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

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