Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne

Melissa Romney-Jones transformed her blah life from being a doormat to her family and having horrible jobs to being the proud owner of a successful business, The Little Lady Agency, where she turns awkward bachelors into eligible men and scoring the boyfriend of her dreams, Mr. Perfect Himself, Jonathan (affectionately known as Remington Steele or Dr. No by Mel's friends). Business is booming and Mel is happier than ever when her flatmate and best friend, Nelson, tells her he is leaving for a few months during which their apartment will be undergoing severe renovations - translation: Mel has to find someplace new to live, fast. When Jonathan suggests she move to New York with him for the 2 months, Mel is hesitant to leave her clients, family, and London lifestyle.

Eventually she is persuaded to join him in the Big Apple, but once she arrives, Melissa finds it hard to compete with Jonathan's seemingly perfect Park Avenue friends, his demanding job, and the memories of his ever present ex-wife. Jonathan also forbids(!) Mel from employing her trade (aka helping out hapless chaps) while in New York and forbids her to wear The Wig. Oh no he didn't! The Wig is what transforms Melissa into her alter-ego Honey who wears skinny pencil skirts, has better manners than the Queen, and can plan any event in her sleep. Melissa agrees but out of loneliness and her very nice personality gets dragged into helping a fellow Londoner turned actor clean up his image. Things get very tricky in a hurry.

This second installment in Browne's Little Lady Agency series was good fun. The first I liked much more since this one was more uncomfortable with all the garbage Mel puts up with. That said, I like Melissa, not only is she funny, charming and so well mannered, but she happens to be so organized I'm envious. I only wish she'd learn to not let people (including Remington Steele himself) bulldoze her. And Nelson, oh how I adore you Nelson. Ever present with your fabulous home-cooked meals, foot rubs, and amazing advice, I think you are The Perfect Man. I'm crossing my fingers that some relationship rearranging will occur in the next installment.

reading order:
~ The Little Lady Agency
~ Little Lady, Big Apple
~ The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

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