These are a few of my favorite (bookish) things

So since I've been battling the plague these past few days and haven't had the energy to do much besides shuffle from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again, I wanted to share a couple of artsy bookish things I recently discovered that have gone a long way in lifting my neglected spirits.

Spotted via Shelf Awareness:
There is book-inspired jewelery and then there is book-inspired jewelery.

This is the latter category.

The genius artist, Jeremy May of Littlefly, has managed to create a line of uniquely wearable bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings made from actual book pages using a special paper laminating process. After the piece is completed, it's re-inserted into the book it was made from and delievered to the happy customer. I am in awe and want them all.

a shiny bracelet

purty earrings (complete with book!)

and a lovely necklace with bits of text poking through


Thanks to my college buddy Julie and fellow art lover, next up is the art installation, Sorted Books, coming soon to the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art by Nina Katchadourian. Basically she takes seemingly random books and arranges the titles into various clever sentences or thoughts.
(read titles in sequence, top to bottom)
If you are in the Portland area, please go for me.

5 comments: said...

OMG...I want an armful of them, too...

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Cool. I used this book stacking thing with my students last year. I called it Book Spine Poetry. And, the jewelry is totally fabulous! I love it.

Chachic said...

Those jewelry pieces are so nice! I want them.

I did a Book Spine Poetry post a couple of months back. I also posted something similar in Sounis about Gen and Attolia. :)

Holly said...

I LOVE those earrings. And the necklace. *want*

Also, I totally want to fly to Portland now to read more of those clever, witty book title arrangements. Picasso and sharks? *laughing* Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Patty - I know, right?

Mrs. DeRaps - I would have loved to do something like that in school! Hooray for smart teachers!

Chachic - Oh yes - now I remember! Very clever positioning of titles ;)

Holly - They are just so pretty! That exhibit made me chuckle too - some folks are so dang clever.