The 10 Essential Classics

Classics are often a classic for a reason. But what are the top classics for YOU? Penguin wants to know. After compiling a list of the top ten Classics every person should read, they're now asking their readers to submit their own Top 10 favorites. But really Penguin...we can only choose 10?
Last year, we compiled a list of the top ten essential Penguin Classics every person should read.

We thought our list was complete.

We were wrong.

You wrote in about the books we left off our list. Where was War and Peace? Don Quixote? On the Road?

So we're creating a new list edited by you. What are your ten essential Penguin Classics?

and then enter for a chance to win a Penguin Classics gift bag with an assortment of Deluxe Penguin Classics (official rules below) on the Essential Classics REDUX Survey.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and vote!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! But pick just 10 books? That's nearly impossible!