"A Questionable Client" by Ilona Andrews

I'm not sure if it's because I'm so used to reading all the wonderful snippets Ilona Andrews posts on her blog or if the husband-wife writer duo is just excellent at writing period (I'm thinking it's the latter), but I was exceptionally pleased with their latest novella "A Questionable Client" found in the Dark and Stormy Knights anthology. After Magic Bleeds rocked my world earlier this year, I was in need of another Kate fix fast and this short and sweet little story did the job nicely.

"A Questionable Client" is set a few months prior to Magic Bites; a few months prior to Kate Daniels' move to Atlanta and her first meeting with the Beast Lord Curran  - so don't expect his Furriness to make an appearance in this one. In the absence of Kate's favorite sparring partner, our fearless mercenary for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid winds up meeting the slippery Saiman for the very first time. After Saiman's original bodyguards bail while still on duty, Kate is called in as a quick replacement and winds up spending one hectic night facing down all sorts of nasties that would like to see Saiman very dead. In the course of the eventful evening, Saiman becomes fascinated with the smart and capable mercenary who is immune to his constant shape-shifting.

Saiman has always been a favorite character for me, so the explanation of how he and Kate first became 'business associates' is truly intriguing. As is her bottomless wealth of knowledge: this time featuring a good deal of Russian folklore which went a long way in making this reader happy. As for Kate herself? Despite it's short format, "A Questionable Client" still contained plenty of Kate's trademark wit and sarcasm as well as her deadly sword-swinging skills. All very good things. But man, how much longer do we have to wait until Magic Slays?

Read an excerpt here.

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book source: my local library


Jen said...

Great review, Michelle! It's not fair of them to make us wait so long between their books, is it? Thanks for the link!

Angiegirl said...

Must. Read. Now.

Holly said...

Ditto to what Angie said. :) I wish one of my libraries had this.

Chachic said...

Echoing what Angie and Holly said. Can't wait for Magic Slays and I hear they're working on a novella about Dali and Jim?

Michelle said...

Jen - Yes, the waiting is Terrible!

Angie - Oh yes. With your love of Saiman, you'll eat this one up.

Holly - What?!? Neither Provo nor Orem? Shameful!

Chachic - You'll just love this one btw. And are you serious about the story for Jim and Dali?! I would *love* to read that one.