Like mother, like daughter

This past week my mom has been in town, helping out with my little turkey boy post-surgery, saving my bacon on numerous occasions and in general just being a good person to have around. Something else I have rediscovered on this visit however is that I seem to have gotten my bookish tendencies (unsurprisingly) from her. Imagine that. When I think about it, my mom is the single most important reason why I am such a bibliophile in the first place. She and my dad always had stacks and stacks of books lying around the house, silently tempting us kids to visit the various exotic worlds of Tolkien, Kipling, and Twain. My mom's one of those parents that read every single book I ever brought home, be it for school or one a friend lent me, she always wanted to find out what I was reading. And later would inevitably draw me into a discussion about it. A sneaky tacit I'll have to remember for the future as a way to communicate with unresponsive teenagers.

Until I found myself firmly surrounded by all you marvy book bloggers and readers, I'd never before met anyone besides my mom who enjoyed reading for the sake of reading like I do. Now, our reading preferences don't necessarily always align: I'm more of a YA/fantasy type of gal while she likes classics, mysteries, and non-fiction - what I call 'thinker' books; but we are always willing to try out what the other likes and recommends. So I'm always a little bit giddy and a just a teeny bit nervous when she comes to visit because I want her to love the books I've recently discovered as much as I did. And then I want to discuss them. Habit, I guess. I always set a few aside for her but mainly I just let her browse my shelves until she finds something that looks interesting or new. On this trip so far she's gone through (remember she's only been here 4 days folks): Crossing, A Song for Summer, Bewitched & Betrayed, Mind Games (which she set aside because, as she said "It had a little too much sex."), Dairy Queen and just tonight I laid my beloved President's Daughter set on her bed, hoping she'll be as awed by them as I am.
To my surprise (although not really, cause who doesn't love these books?) her favorite so far has been Eva Ibbotson's A Song for Summer. Like me, she was instantly overwhelmed by Ibbotson's lush and descriptive writing style. My mom loved the characters, the setting and of course, the ending. "Perfect" was her final verdict. I agreed wholeheartedly. 

I think I had forgotten how nice is it to actually sit down with someone, face to face, and discuss books you have both read and enjoyed. I also had forgotten that rush you get when you recommend a book to a friend and they wind up loving it as much as you hoped they would. Which is why I think I'm on a bit of a high at the moment seeing as how I had specifically picked out A Song for Summer as one she'd love. Although since our conversations have me itching for a re-read, I guess the apple really didn't fall too far from the tree in this case.


Angiegirl said...

Ah, that is no surprise at all. My mom had the same reaction. LOVED the Ibbotson books. And that one really is gorgeous. How nice for you to have her there for awhile. How are you feeling?

Chachic said...

I think I've read all of Ibbotson's YA books except for that one. I should get around to it soon. My favorites are Countess Below Stairs and The Reluctant Heiress. It's good that your mom's there to help you out. I echo Angie's question: how are you feeling?

Michelle said...

Angie - Ibbotson just has this special way with words that makes it really easy to connect with most readers I think. And thanks for the well wishes, I'm doing much better now. Actually starting to feel human again which is always a nice change ;)

Chachic - Oh, you should really give A Song for Summer a try. It really is my favorite of Ibbotson's novels. Did you read A Company of Swans too? That one was lovely as well. You are so sweet to ask how things are, I'm feeling a lot better, just still going a little slow. But definitely on the mend! Thanks!

Chachic said...

Okay, I haven't read A Company of Swans too! I should definitely add those two to my list. It's good that they're readily available here, I've seen them around in several local bookstores. But I don't know when I can get around to reading them because I still have a huge TBR pile.

Yay, glad to hear that you're feeling a lot better! Hope you get enough rest and that you have good books to keep you occupied. :)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I am literally moved to tears to read such sweet things. Thank you for all the wonderful books you've introduced me to. I'd never heard of Urban Fantasy - I did like the 2 Mercy Thompson's I read after everyone went to bed. (Ya gotta give credit to your Gramma T. also. She was the original book a nite reading machine, and..she overrode the county librarian who didn't want to let me read "Gone With the Wind" in elem school)

Holly said...

Mine, too! I think all moms do. I'm reading A Song for Summer right now, actually!