The Fabulous, Marvelous, Wonderful Day of Books

Yesterday was a Red Letter Day book-wise. I got no less than TWO special bookish deliveries.

Package #1:  

Another, wholly unexpected, Mother's Day gift from the Hubby - the shipping just took forever. After seeing how well his Anniversary Present was recieved, he's decided he can't go wrong with Ellen Emerson White. I agree.

Package #2 (one of my most anticipated reads of the 2010):


Someone needs to come and scrape me off the floor, because I am basically a puddle of goo at the moment. *dies*


Holly said...

I'm loving all these Ellen Emerson White gifts! I think my hubby needs to take a clue...

Chachic said...

Oooh lovely packages! I'm sure you were real happy to get them. Still haven't read the Ellen Emerson White or Ilona Andrews books but I am planning to order the Kate Daniels books from abroad soon.

Michelle said...

Holly - *grin* He's a keeper. And I'd be happy to point yours in the right direction if needed ;)

Chachic - I'm happy to hear you are getting ready to track down the Kate books. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Katie said...

I totally forgot about your book blog, btw. There are some good ones on here that I need to get started on. Thanks!

Angiegirl said...


He seriously can't go wrong. What a simply splendid Mother's Day surprise.

I've finally replaced the first three Vietnam books in my collection. It's that fourth one that's so elusive (read: expensive). But it's sooooo good.

Michelle said...

Katie - I've got lots of fun recommendations if you are in the market for such a thing ;)

Angie - Yes. And the fact that I had NO IDEA they were coming? Priceless. I'm so happy to hear you are replacing your collection btw. They make me happy sitting there on the shelf. I've decided I'll just let the hubby find mine - I figure we've got the next couple holidays covered now.