Stumped by a subplot

Ready, Set, GO! for some massive ramblings on my part.

So I'm just about finished reading Audrey, Wait! (so very, very fun) when this one little random scene pops up between the title character and this way secondary character from her school, Tizzy, and I still can't quite wrap my brain around the significance of what happened. The most annoying part is that it wasn't even that important of an exchange. Although after repeated attempts at trying to tell myself just that, I still can't let it go. Did this girl Tizzy mean her gift to Audrey as an innocent joke or was she just being downright rude? And why, above all, do I care about this unimportant snippet?!

I Don't Know!!

Sad part is, this isn't the first time I've found myself in such an agonizing situation. More often than not, I find myself going back and forth on possible interpretations of a scene that has no real impact (whatsoever) on the overall plot of the book. What I really should be trying to puzzle out is why does it matter so much to me in the first place? The only conclusion I have come to is that I am crazy. Certifiably. But some people might see that as a cop-out.

So. Please. Someone tell me I'm not crazy and that you too find yourself in agonizing situations such as this. Or if you've read Audrey, Wait! and know what in the heck I'm rambling on and on about, please feel free to explain what you think happened in that one-sided gift exchange.


Kath said...

You’ve definitely peeked my curiosity! After reading you’re post I’m going to have to go out and read “Audrey, Wait!” and see if I can puzzle out the situation.

Michelle said...

Kath - okay, the thing is, it probably wouldn't even be a blip on anyone else's reading radar. *headdesk*
But, please do read the book and then I'll have someone to talk it over with ;)

Holly said...

Haha, Michelle. Sometimes little things like that can really get to me or other times I wouldn't notice something like that.

I'm exciting for your review, however! I didn't get very far but I started Audrey Wait awhile back. For some reason it didn't grab me and the swearing bothered me. Maybe it's worth picking up again.

Michelle said...

Holly - I'm glad to hear you suffer from the same neurosis as myself.

Yeah, the swearing was a bit much - but to be perfectly honest, I loved Audrey so dang much I just couldn't bring myself to even think about putting it down!