Cover Alert: Rules of Attraction

A ginormous thank you to Chelle over at Tempting Persephone for posting the cover of Simone Elkeles' newest called Rules of Attraction, sequel to the oh-so fabulous Perfect Chemistry. I'm so in love with this cover. All that implied movement - come on, kissing in the rain from a car? so cool - I just know this will be another fantastic ride. But GAH!! How can I wait until next April to see what Ms. Elkeles has planned for Carlos?!


Anonymous said...

Took me long enough to get over here and comment on this, but...Yay! I'm so excited (and that's only after seeing the cover and reading the synopsis. I can only imagine what it'll be like when I have an actual copy of the book in my hand.) I'm with you: April is way too far away!

Michelle said...

Chelle - I'm so glad you posted this for us! And I agree. April is WAY too long to wait