See Michelle Laugh: The Ultimate Showdown

Let me preface this by saying something first: The Hubby is an engineer and often exhibits a somewhat skewed sense of humor. So when he told me all his co-workers were a-flutter over a music video I sort of nodded and agreed to watch, not really expecting much comedy wise. And surprise, surprise - it was dang funny (no really, that's a big surprise). Supes of every ilk make an appearance and I couldn't help but give a little cheer of glee when my favorite family-psychologist-never-nude-Blue-Man-wannabe Tobias Funke popped up.*

Who are you rooting for?

*you've really never partaken of the awesomeness that is Arrested Development?? I'm so sorry. Really. Please do yourself a favor and get to Bluth-ville pronto while preparing for some serious hilarity. And loose seals. Or is it Lucilles?


Brenda said...

That was pretty funny! My husband is also an engineer. And also, I love Arrested Development. One of my favorites!

Michelle said...

Brenda - Oh I'm glad to hear there are others who survive living with that odd sense of humor ;). Don't you just love AD? I miss it so much!