Interview with Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban & Giveaway

Today I am happy to welcome author Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, here to talk about her wonderful time-travel book Two Moon Princess. Since I won't be reviewing the novel here on the bloggy until later next week, here's a quick look at the story:
In this coming-of-age story set in a medieval kingdom, Andrea is a headstrong princess longing to be a knight who finds her way to modern-day California. But her accidental return to her family's kingdom and a disastrous romance brings war, along with her discovery of some dark family secrets. Readers will love this mix of traditional fantasy elements with unique twists and will identify with Andrea and her difficult choices between duty and desire. [via Goodreads]
Welcome Carmen! What sort of music do you listen to while you write (if any)? Does Two Moon Princess have a soundtrack?

I never listen to music when I write. I find it distracting.

When I was writing Two Moon Princess my children were little and I didn't have much time to write. But the characters and their story were always in my mind especially while I was driving. And I remembered listening to a tape (it was that long ago) called Kids Songs Sleepy Heads by Nancy Cassidy. It included children's songs and old Irish ballads. Among them Somos El Barco.

This song sets the mood perfectly for Two Moon Princess because two scenes between the main characters take place in a boat, and because the song is both in English and Spanish. And also because it is a love song and although Andrea doesn't know it, she is falling for her prisoner.

Andrea has the chance to live in two completely different worlds – modern California and the medieval-esque land of Xaren-Ra. If you had to choose between the two worlds which would you pick?

Modern California, no doubt about it.

Let’s pretend you get sucked through Andrea’s portal back into Xaren-Ra. What are the three things from modern life that you just wouldn’t be able to live without?

Electricity. Candles are very romantic but not very practical.
Running water. I can't do without a hot shower in the morning.
Computer. No internet connection? Are you kidding?

I hear a sequel to Two moon Princess, The King in the Stone, is in the works. Can you give us any hints about what you have in store for Andrea (and Don Julian)?

**Spoilers Alert**
The King in the Stone reprises the story just after Two Moon Princess ends. As the story starts, instead of the happy ever after they expected, Julian and Andrea realize their plans are incompatible. Andrea wants to stay in California. Julian, to return to Xaren-Ra as soon as he learns how to irrigate the dry lands of his kingdom.

To complicate things, after their argument, Andrea goes to Spain with John making Julian jealous. Then, before they can work out their differences, the full moon opens a door in the mountains and sends them into the past.

The King in the Stone is told from both Andrea and Julian's points of view so we'll see more of Julian this time.

Is there a particular book (or movie for that matter) you wish you had written?

Apart from Harry Potter? For if I had, I would be rich and could write anything I want and get my books published. And that is any writer's fantasy.

As for movies, I loved Pan's Labyrinth.

What books do you find yourself recommending over and over and over again?

~ The Shamer's Chronicles
by Lene Kaaberball. The four books in this series are amazing and not well known. A shame (pun intended). You can read my review of The Shamer's War here; if interested.

~ The Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. Another great series.

~ The Saxon Tales by Bernard Cornwell. He is the best in historical fiction.

~ Rosemary Sutcliff's novels. The Eagle of the Nine, Song for a Dark Queen among many others. Rosemary Sutcliff writes beautifully and her plots are clever, her characters historically accurate, no XXI century characters in period clothes.

Yay! Another Megan Whalen Turner fan! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by today Carmen. 

As part of the Two Moon Princess blog tour, I also have one copy of the book up for grabs. You know the drill, fill out the form below and I will pick a winner Monday, April 18th. US residents only please.

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Yay, another author who's a fan of Megan Whalen Turner! I'm going to wait and see what you think of Two Moon Princess. Love the red dress on the cover.