River Marked by Patricia Briggs

***Just so we are all on the same page here, this review contains unavoidable SPOILERS for the previous FIVE utterly amazing Mercy Thompson books. So if you haven't read those ones yet (and why the heck not?!?), consider yourself warned.

Change could absolutely be Mercy Thompson's middle name. Well, that and Trouble. But Mercy's hoping for a little bit of R&R from all her recent troubles now that she's finally snagged her man, local alpha werewolf Adam as the pair are headed off to spend a few days - alone - alongside the Columbia River. Shortly after their arrival however, Mercy lives up to her reputation when a rescue effort reveals the presence of a centuries-old evil now residing in the river's depths. Struggling to understand this newest threat, Mercy is startled to find help coming from her unknown father's family - a Native American heritage she has never felt a part of - but one she must now turn to if she and Adam wish to return home alive.

Words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly pleased I was with this latest installment from Patrica Briggs. Truly I have loved every single book in this outstanding series, but River Marked gave us readers something just a little bit different and I wholeheartedly approve. For starters, essentially 90% of River Marked is about Mercy and Adam, together, but separated from the pack and their own regular friends and responsibilities. Forcing the two to spend so much time together, uninterrupted, allowed for some decidedly intimate conversations. Adam reveled himself to be so much more than Mr. In-Control-Alpha, and whoa baby, that man is all heart. But his love isn't one sided either. Each is so overwhelmingly in love with the other, my little heart just melted as I watched them simply be together... joking, flirting, and yes, even fighting together.

River Marked also gives us a much better handle on Mercy and her Native American heritage, including the father she never knew. I for one found the translation of Indian myths into Mercy's world utterly fascinating and hope like hades some of the key players make return appearances in future novels (sorry for the vagueness here...I'm trying to keep some secrets). Together with her newly cemented status as Adam's mate, Mercy getting a better grip on her own personal genealogy added yet another layer to her already complicated yet vivid personality with satisfying results.

Each and every book in this series is absolutely outstanding, but I think River Marked will always hold a very, very permanent place on my keeper shelf. Primarily due to that final letter which left me with tears streaming down my face and shaking my head over the absolute rightness of Mercy and Adam together. Truly my friends, THAT is something worth waiting six books for.

series reading order:
~ Moon Called
~ Blood Bound
~ Iron Kissed
~ Bone Crossed
~ Silver Borne - my review
~ River Marked

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book source: my local library


Angiegirl said...

*grin* That last letter was pretty dang good, wasn't it?

Michelle said...

Angie - Um yes. I just keep flipping back to reread it every so often. *big smiles*

Holly said...

Oh, Michelle, thanks for the review! I must read this soon if you liked it that much. I already have a copy, so what am I waiting for?

Michelle said...

Holly - You already have a copy but haven't started yet?!? Get on it girl!