The game is on!

Man, oh man. I just finished watching the first episode of the new Sherlock from PBS Masterpiece Mystery and I am in love. The creators have managed to blend just the right amount of intrigue, wit, and faced-paced revelations and action. And the relationship between Watson and Holmes...perfection. I am such a big fan of their modern incarnation. And very happy to still have two more episodes to go. Be sure to check out the episodes online - you can only see them for a few weeks.

Favorite line: "I'm in shock. Look! I've got a blanket!"


Chelle said...

I am totally loving the series, as well, and that line was one of my favorites from the first episode!

Alix said...

It's so wonderful isn't it. I loved it so much I downloaded my first Sherlocke Holmes novel onto the Kindle :-)