You may have noticed that I've been seriously neglecting this bloggy for some time now. I heartily apologize for my laxity in posting all things bookish -- but I have had a very good excuse. For some strange reason, I decided upon the brilliant idea of making my family Christmas presents this year and may have overestimated my crafting abilities a tiny bit. So in order to finish, I've been spending every spare moment for the past month or so furiously working on them. And since some of my family periodically checks this blog, I can't tell you what the Super Secret Christmas Crafts actually is -- just know they are totally awesome but also very, very time consuming.

So while I've been busy on my SSCC I've also been busy watching Firefly. It's yet another of those tv show I utterly missed out on but have since heard many good things about. So far I'm up to episode 10, 'War Stories', (yeah the SSCC has taken me that long) and I'm really starting to love it. My favorite episode so far has been 'Out of Gas' - I won't lie when I say I got a little teary eyed myself. How sad I am that there was only one season.

Although can anyone tell me -- what's with all the Chinese?!?


Kristin Hanson said...

The idea is that the two remaining super powers teamed up - the Chinese and the USA, creating this Chinese American space fleet. And using Mandarin, they could get away with alot of language that wasn't allowed at the time. I love that series - we watched it for the first time this past February (cause we're slow, too). Don't forget to watch the movie, Serenity.

Chachic said...

This post has reminded me yet again that I've been meaning to watch Firefly. Also, homemade presents are awesome! Go you, I'm sure your family will love what you come up with.

Melissa said...

We discovered this over the summer, and fell completely in love with the whole premise, writing and acting. Amazing show. While I'm sad, too, that there were only 14 episodes (plus the movie, Serenity, which you need to watch when you're done with the TV show), on the other hand, it didn't have time to jump the shark and get bad.

And, now that you've watched Firefly, you need to watch Castle. :-D

Michelle said...

Kristin - Aha!! That makes very perfect sense. Thank you very much - I was just thinking maybe it was because the Chinese had taken over as a superpower and so everyone spoke Chinese, but then no one on is show IS Chinese. So yours is a much better explanation.

Chachic - I think you'd like it. It took me a couple of episodes to really get hooked, but now I totally am.

Melissa - Yes! I agree. And there's a movie too??!? Fantastic. That's next on my list.

Angiegirl said...

Oh, this series. I adore it. And "Out of Gas" is an extraordinary episode. You'll have to watch Serenity when you finish! It's SO good!