Literary Love: Winners!

And... welcome back to the Literary Love extravaganza finale! Whew! What a couple of romantical weeks we've had here at See Michelle Read - so many of you truly excellent folks nominated and voted for a positively awe-inspiring array of unforgettable bookish duos. Seriously, I am astounded. Although many of your votes were expected, there were quite a number of highly unexpected, yet totally perfect, nominations. Like Miss Scarlet O'Hara & Rhett Butler! And (my personal favorite) Junie B. & Hugh! I seriously want to give an award for the person that chose those two. And lots of love also goes to our marvy guest bloggers: Angie, Aimee, Brenda, and Rhiannon. I told you they would be terrific, didn't I?

So now onto the good stuff. You told me who you loved best* and believe you me, I listened. The Literary Love Winners from each of the following categories are...


Classic fiction: Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice
General fiction: Jamie & Claire from Outlander
Urban Fantasy: Kate & Curran from the Kate Daniels series
Young Adult: Gen & Attolia from the Thief series
And your favorite couple of ALL TIME? The honors goes to Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice

::thunderous applause::

The random number-izer has also spoken and the Winner of Ash by Malinda Lo is:
Chris of Book-a-Rama

Thank you, thank you (thank you!) to everyone who stopped by to make Literary Love just so astonishingly frickin' awesome - I know I had a blast and I hope you were able to sigh over some old favorites and discover some possible new ones too. I wish you all a supremely Happy Valentines Day full of chocolate, the best books, and excellent friends.

Happy Valentines Day!

*Want to see my super scientific method of tallying results? It's called the 'I'm up way too late writing shorthand on my kid's white-board' method.


Brenda said...

This was a fun time, Michelle! Thanks for letting me be involved. :) And yay to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy!

Michelle said...

Brenda - thanks again for participating Brenda! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself too!