Blogger Maintenance!

I'm working on the layout of this here bloggy tonight so if you see some funky stuff - don't panic. Hopefully, I'll have everything up and pretty by Saturday morning.

If not... well, the internets beat me again.

UPDATE:  I'm sorta liking what I've ended up with now. What do you think? If you run into any weird things, please let me know. The only real wall I've run into is trying to figure out why in the heck my background won't change to the file I've specified...grrr...anyone particularly savvy at coding that has any helpful tips?


vvb32 reads said...

i like it. the only thing weird for me is the header. it is not centered and gets cut off on the right side. love the color.

Michelle said...

velvet - hmmmm... thanks for letting me know. Can I ask what browser you are using?