Would you like some cheese with your eggnog?

So I know it's only the day after Thanksgiving, but every year I get giddy thinking about the holidays. I love Christmas - love the lights, the food, the family, the presents. But mostly I love the movies. Cheesy, heartwarming and all together so classicly perfect. I've seen more holiday themed movies over the years than I can possibly count, but there are only a few tried and true flicks I keep coming back to year after year and could probably quote beginning to end. So please go grab a glass of eggnog and get ready for my marathon list of must-see holiday movies.

White Christmas
Bing Crosby. Danny Kaye. Rosemary Clooney. And that other blonde chick with the 10 inch waist. My sister and I used to watch "Sister, Sister" over and over and over and over...

A Christmas StoryIt must be something with the narrator on this one. Jean Shepherd's enthusiastic reminiscences of his 1940s childhood Christmas are what make Ralphie such a classic.

ElfA modern classic in it's own right and possibly the best Will Farrell movie evah.
Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?

How the Grinch Stole ChristmasMax the Faithful Dog steals the show in this short but memorable film. Who doesn't love a bad guy who discovers he actually has a heart? And it doesn't hurt that he's green.

It's a Wonderful LifeOf course it's on the list. It's on everybody's list for a reason: Jimmy Stewart.

National Lampoon's Christmas VacationWatching Clark Griswald's ineptitude makes my family feel better every year.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Good Grief. Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and his pitiful little tree?

Come on, I know you have a list of must-see holiday movies you watch every year. What's on yours?


Melissa said...

The Snowman. Love the animation. And any one of a huge number of Christmas Carols. My personal favorite is the Muppet one, though. :-D (And I love Elf, White Christmas and the Grinch, too!)

Michelle said...

Melissa - yes, love the Muppet Christmas Carol. I seriously debated putting it on the list. Man, I haven't seen frosty in years!! Thanks for the reminder.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Those are all definitely on my list. We also watch Shop Around the Corner (Jimmy Stewart), Little Women (Winona Rider), the Rankin-Bass specials (Rudolph and Santa Claus is Comin to Town), The Family Man, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street. We end up watching a lot of Christmas movies between Thanksgiving and the Big Day!

Michelle said...

Carl - I love all those old Rankin-Bass specials!! I don't know how I left those off my list. And I hear you on the movie watching, with all the cold weather it's all you want to do this time of year!