Well tickle me pink

I honestly started blogging about books as a way to keep track of not only the books I read and my reviews, but of genre lists and challenges I participate in. That said, I LOVE knowing people enjoy reading my blog too, becuase frankly, not a day goes by when I'm not reading someone else's most recent post. I am seriously tickled pink (okay, probably more like a bright, happy fuchsia) when anyone comments on a post and couldn't be happier to hear your recommendations and thoughts.

So in checking my email this past week, I received some news that totally rocked my day - more like my entire week or even month for that matter. Seems I've been nominated for an award during the upcoming Book Blogger Appreciation Week for Best New Blog!! Here's their description for the category:

Best New Blog – This new blog seems to have appeared out of nowhere since September of 2008 and has jumped into the book blogging world with both feet. You love their posts and wonder how the book blogging world ever got along without them.

After reading the description online, I was more than a little pumped. Knowing the competition is super fierce to even be short-listed, I'm just more than a little pleased to have been nominated at all. So thanks again for stopping by - I'm more than a little happy you came.


Holly said...

Congrats, Michelle! That's exciting news.

Angiegirl said...

Yay! :-) You totally deserve it.

Michelle said...

Thanks Holly and Angie - I'm still so excited about it.