Twenty Boy Summer GIVEAWAY

Since I liked Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer so dang much, I'd like to give you, dear reader, a chance to ooh and aah over this wonderful book with me. That's right, I'm giving it away and I'm giving it away for free. What do you have to do to win your own brand-spanking-new copy of Twenty Boy Summer? Just answer one tiny little question for me:

What is one summer you'll never forget - was it the people, the place, the food, the books? Did you meet someone who changed the way you saw the world or simply find out something about yourself?

So comment away my friends. This happens to be my first-ever giveaway (kind of like Anna trying to ditch her own albatross) and I need you to help make it all special-like.

You have until Monday, August 17th at midnight to enter... Please be sure to leave me an email or blog address in your comment so I can let you know if you are the Winnah. This contest is open to US of A residents only (sorry internationals).

For a couple extra entries, you can become a follower (current followers, go ahead and give yourself an extra entry); or you can post it on your blog - just be sure to let me know the link; or comment on my review of Twenty Boy Summer. Just make it easy on me and let me know how many entries you have all total, mmmkay?

Good night and good luck!


Kath said...

I'd love to be entered, the book sounds so intersting and probably one that I would enjoy.

Hmmm, the summer that comes to mind for me was about five years ago. My husband and I had the opportunity to live in Norway for an entire summer. My hubby was doing a semester of school, so while he was in class I had a lot of free time to explore. I was finally able to locate a little shop that sold books, in English, and was thrilled. They didn’t really have any current books, they were all the classics. So, that summer I fell in love with Jane Eyre, Withering Heights, Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn, and many more. I think it was the best summer because I was able to curl up in a beautiful Norwegian park and read great literature!

I'm already a follower. =)

Cherie said...

The summer I'll never forget? My post-Senior year of high school. I grew up in a home that was very strict and where we weren't given many boundaries to set for ourselves. Curfew was on the dot, no exceptions (even Prom). Groundings were frequent (in my case).

At 18 my parents cut the leash that bound me to most of their rules and I was like a dog unleashed for the first time. I was confused, wasn't sure where my boundaries were, wasn't sure where I WANTED my boundaries to be, and wasn't sure what MY standards and beliefs were outside of my parent's realm.

It was truly a summer where I discovered a lot about myself, where I wanted my life to go, and who I really was. I discovered the power of good choices and the damage a bad choice could bring. I'd love to say I had it all together, but I did make many good choices despite bad things that happened and I found in myself a strength I didn't know I had before as I went through some tough trials.

It wasn't the BEST summer per se, but it was definitely my most memorable one.

Renee said...

Alrighty, I'm now following your blog, and I posted about your giveaway on

Book giveaways are the only ones I ever seem to win;)

My most memorable summer was the summer I got married. Everything was polarized. Britton and I were apart for the summer and it was the loneliest of times. But then when we were together it was pure bliss. I had no money that summer and lived off oatmeal and cookies that were constantly being made by roommates. Then we were on our honeymoon in Mexico eating amazing food all the time! I had all this self-discipline to study hard and run a half marathon--which led to no social life. After marriage, I was sitting on the beach and living the resort life 24/7. Everything happened that summer.

poodle said...

let's see.... probably the summer after my first year of grad school. the boy that i was hoping to be the love of my life had moved across the country to spend the summer with me, and i didn't think life could get better than that. (turns out i was wrong, but at the time, i couldn't imagine how.)

i love books of any kind, so i am VERY excited.

Michelle said...

Kath - what a summer! What a wonderful way to discover some amazing books than in picturesque Norway?

Cherie - you grounded? What! I don't believe it.

Renee - I still don't know how you guys spent so much time apart that summer, that would have been killer!

poodle - grin - why is it that a (seemingly) wonderful boy can make all the difference in the world?!

brittney said...

I'll enter, why now? This is the firs time I read your blog, thanks to my friend Renee's post about you. I love to read and will try to blog hop back here more often.

Reading Renee's summer makes me think I should also post about the summer I got married, but I think I'll describe a different one. The summer before. It was my worst summer ever except for 1 bright shining evening. My boyfriend had left to serve a mission, my best friend was engaged to someone I didn't super know/like, my other best friend was my cousin and we had drifted apart after roomming freshman year. I was alone, working 40+ hours a week. BUT one warm, clear, summer night my uncle randomly invited a touring band from Columbia to play in his backyard (next door to my house). They played their music and taught us how to dance, Latin-style. I danced the night away with my younger cousins, aunts and uncles. I felt happy and loved it.

Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thanks for a great blog post.
I'm a member of your site now.
I am Canadian so don't enter me in the 20 Boy Summer contest.
Love and best wishes,

Catch My Words said...

I had many wonderful summers at sleepaway camp as a child. Every kid needs to go away to camp.

Cynthia said...

The summer I will never forget is this summer because I went to the ala convention.
became a follower

Chloe said...

The summer I will never forget is last summer. It was my first time at Comic-Con, where I got more awesome free stuff than I ever imagined one could obtain in one place and saw most of the Twilight cast *swoon* haha. It was also my first time at yearbook camp, where my serious crush of two or so years at the time asked me to dance during a karaoke/pool party on our last day there.

I also became a follower :)


I believe that's 2 entries in total?

Jackie said...

Hey Michelle, I'm a new blog follower of yours. I can't tell you how many book recommendations I've taken from your goodreads lists!

Anyway, my answer would be the summer I turned 17. I lived away from home with my sister a few states away and experienced a whole new freedom that certainly taught me a lot. There are so many songs, foods, etc that will always take me back to those few months I had with her.

Anonymous said...

It would have to be the summer I was a nanny in Boston for a little boy. I was just out of high school, was earning good money and just having fun! Lots of sun, out late etc. It was a great summer just because I was young and in a new place, feeling grown up :)

I also became a follower of your blog and posted this on my blog :)

Angiegirl said...

Your first contest! So awesome. I twittered it.

One summer I'll never forget is the summer I took my boyfriend to visit my parents in Italy. We stayed for two months at their home on an island off the coast of Sardegna and just soaked it all up. We spent a week together in Rome tearing around on a scooter and another week traveling with my folks through Tuscany. It was the most golden summer ever. He proposed a month later. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Michelle said...

brittney - latin dancing + summer night + family + laughter = magic. Thanks for sharing!

RKCharron - Thanks for stopping by.

Joyce - Amen to that! Some of my best memories involve running around the woods playing pranks on fellow campers..

Cynthia - ALA huh? Someday I WILL make it there.

Chloeee - That sounds like a wonderful convention to me!! Never underestimate the power of free schwag ;)

Jackie - so happy to see you here. I'm so glad to hear that you've heard about some books from me. I think every teenager should spend time away from their family for a bit, don't you?

Mrs Foltz - It's amazing how being away from all your family and friends will change you, isn't it?

Angie- aawww...What a romantic summer!! You better believe he proposed after that!

Jen said...

Every summer has been wonderful! One that stands out in my mind is camping with my family and meeting a group of boys that took to liking me. I loved the attention, but when they asked me to go skinny dipping, I ran back to the tent and hardly came out for the rest of the trip.

I became a follower! I'd love to read this book!

Leslie said...

One summer that i have never forgotten has to be the summer before junior year. I was working at this movie theater and there were many diffrent types of people that i worked with. A bunch of us used to get together and hang out at the park until after hours or we'd go out to eat. It's also the summer where i found my current boyfriend =) Thanks for this giveaway! it is awesome!

i also became a follower

leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Michelle said...

Jeff&Jen - Hehehe! What a great story - I think I would've run back to the tent too :)

Leslie - Sounds like a great place to work - I have also found many friends from summer jobs in which you stayed out late.

Holly said...

Hey Michelle! Finally figured out that I can only comment on your blog when viewing it in Explorer. :) I should've tried it sooner. So here's my comment again:

My most memorable summer was a no-brainer. 2005 - my summer in London. It was full of trips to the public library, graduation in a Georgian church, Rome, a London heat wave, Finland, Wimbledon, and lots of soul-searching and self-finding. I don't think I can top that one...

Michelle said...

So glad you were able to figure it out. I still have no idea why it was giving you trouble before though.. odd. Anyways, I've got you entered for sure!!