Marked by PC Cast & Kristin Cast

Even though vampyres are a large part of everyday society - many famous actors, musicians, and artists can be found within their ranks - most people fear and downright hate them. So it's no surprise when Zoey Redbird is unexpectedly marked (a type of tattoo used to identify who and how advanced vampyres are) by the vampyre tracker at her school that her friends and ex-boyfriend are horrified by the change. Not to mention her mother and step-father who couldn't be more disgusted. Zoey's only support comes from her grandmother who takes her to the House of Night (or the Vampyre Finishing School) where she will be trained in all things bloodsucker. Just like any other new school, Zoey makes some new friends quickly and some enemies even faster. The beautiful Aphrodite (guess who chose her own name?) joined with her merry band of sycophants go out of their way to be cruel to Zoey, seeing her as an immediate threat to Aphrodite's domain. But Zoey is unique, specifically called by the goddess Nyx and given special powers that she isn't entirely sure about. All she knows is that she's there to make a change and that it won't be easy.

The whole idea of a vampire finishing school is a interesting concept I just felt like some things were not explained as well as I would have liked (probably why it's a series). For example: Zoey is told she will get sicker and sicker until she goes to live at the House of Night after she is marked but no one explains why the house makes her better. They don't give any special medicine or make them drink blood yet so why the importance? Despite that, every character seems very real to me: I could hear Stevie Rae's twang and loved the Twins banter. Zoey was also great - full of self confidence but totally relaxed with friends. The only person who I felt was pretty darn flat was Erik Night - the hot guy who catches Zoey's eye. Not much too the boy besides being good looking. Maybe he'll get interesting in the coming books. My one major gripe with this book was how preachy it can be at times. Zoey goes off on little rants on a variety of topics including teenage drinking and drug use, makeup styles, cats, and even sexual practices which I felt were a little too pedantic for a teenager to be sprouting off. Other than that it moved along at a nice clip - it just didn't wow me by any means.

series reading order:
~ Marked
~ Betrayed
~ Chosen
~ Untamed
~ Hunted
~ Tempted to be released October 27, 2009


Leslie said...

i didnt like this series very much until i read the latest book now i'm curious to read tempted especially knowing that the next one after tempted is not going to be in Zoey's pov

Michelle said...

oh really? That's good to know Leslie. I'll have to take a second look then since I didn't exactly love this one.