The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

After being locked up by a group of 'scientists' bent on studying teens with supernatural powers, Chloe is desperate to escape to find out what has happened to her friends Simon, a sorcerer, and Derek, a werewolf. Chloe also discovers that she and the other teens from the Lyle Group home were genetically modified as babies in hopes of creating supernaturals without any side effects. Only things went wrong with the experiment and none of the teens are aware how uncontrollable their powers have become. Chloe herself tries to come to grips with betrayal and her own talent for seeing ghosts and proves herself to be an extraordinary girl time and again.

I am totally digging this series. I love that Kelley Armstrong doesn't force character development and relationships to happen. She allows Chloe, Derek, Simon and even Tori to go along, make choices and by doing so shows you their growth instead of just telling about it. There is also some definite potential in Chloe and Derek's relationship - I just love these two by the way. By the same token, Armstrong thankfully has allowed things to go slow with them to the point that the relationship has built to something completely believable. The reader can easily understand every exchange, even when all is not explained. My kind of book. My only complaint is it all went by too fast - the action is literally non-stop. But all that action brings some serious information to light and I for one can NOT wait for the next book, I'm sure it will only get better.

series reading order:
~ The Summoning - my review
~ The Awakening


Kath said...

Nice review! I totally agree, I love how Armstrong just lets things build naturally. I love Chloe and Derek and can't wait for the next book. Fun series!

Michelle said...

Thanks Kath, Chloe and Derek are perfect, it will be torture waiting for the next one!