Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

I've been reading a bit of Urban Fantasy lately (ok, ok a LOT) and I've gotten just a little burnt out. Not that I don't love it - send a nice Patricia Briggs my way any time, but sometimes a girl just needs a nice fluffy read. Something you don't have to think too hard about and something that will not make you feel bad about that second helping of chocolate cake you had with lunch. Meg Cabot has that wonderful ability to create female characters I find myself wishing I could call up to go shopping with or even just to chat with in real life. So Heather Wells + big bag of peanut M&Ms = a dang good time.

After losing her recording contract, boy-band famous fiance, and her life savings (courtesy of her thieving mother) Heather Wells is in serious need of a job. Still it's a struggle for her when the girl who used to be a household name (if only to tweens) becomes an assistant director at a New York college dormitory, I mean, residence hall. Heather spends her days solving problems for 19 year-olds and her nights pining for her landlord, Cooper, private investigator and Mr. Unconventional Himself. Oh and just to make things even more interesting, Cooper is her ex's brother. So when girls start dying in the dorm - er, residence hall, Heather knows it's not just a coincidence and enlists PI Cooper to help track down the killer.

Flowing throughout is Heather's inner monologue in which she ponders everything from vanity sizing, exercise (walking to your favorite bakery DOES count), the miraculous effects of chocolate and even the love of a good pet. This hilarious thought process is what kept me so intrigued, not the mystery. Mystery = Meh. It almost seemed as an afterthought - which isn't necessarily a bad thing in this case at least. Heather and her antics constantly had me in stitches. I'd love to sit down to lunch with her or her friend Magda and let the good times roll.

reading order:
~ Size 12 is Not Fat
~ Size 14 is Not Fat Either
~ Big Boned

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