Savvy by Ingrid Law

Mibs Beaumont comes from a long line of people who have a specific knack – something particular they can do well that begins to manifest itself on their 13th birthday, often with disastrous consequences. Her grandfather can create new earth, her brother causes storms and hurricanes and her mom can do anything perfectly. Mibs is two days away from her 13th birthday, eagerly contemplating what her savvy will be – shooting lasers from her eyes or maybe the ability to turn herself into a balloon. But after her father is rushed to the hospital following a car wreck, Mibs perfect birthday plans are put on hold. Certain her savvy will be the one thing to save her father, Mibs, her two brothers, and the children of the minister embark on an unlikely adventure-filled road trip to the hospital hundreds of miles away.

Filled with smooth, whimsical writing that almost floats on Fish’s breezes, Savvy was a book to be savored. Each character was so well developed with concrete personalities and unique quirks -- I would have loved to meet Lil (who is eternally late) and Lester with his big van full of pink bibles. Sometimes hilarious, at others heartwarming and wholesome, Savvy captured this reader’s heart with both hands, pulling me along for one wonder-filled ride. Savvy could easily lend itself to a sequel as the Beaumont family has other children with potential for very interesting savvies and I for one would love to hear their stories.

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