Fade by Lisa McMann

I had a hard time bringing myself to start this book. Mainly because I knew Janie and Cabel would be investigating some teachers suspected of being sexual predators. I had an even harder time knowing that Janie was going to act as 'bait.' And I knew McMann would write it so compelling that I'd probably get so emotionally pulled into the story that I would be thinking about it for days.

And I was right. McMann doesn't sugar-coat the hard details but she doesn't go into the nitty-grittys either. It's a fine balance of describing a scene while letting the reader come to their own conclusions. And of course I was so drawn into the emotional turmoil as Janie finds out more about her 'gift' and as Cabel struggles with her role in the bust.

I liked this one better than I had originally anticipated since McMann didn't force the characters into a 'happily ever after.' Janie and Cabel both have their issues to deal with but both are definitely growing as individuals.

So, I liked this one. Even though it was darker and more mature and almost heartbreaking at times. Definitely would only recommend it to the mature crowd.

reading order:
~ Wake
~ Fade

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