Reader and Raelynx by Sharon Shinn

The fourth book in the Twelfth Houses series focuses on the lovable yet quirky reader Cammon. With his unique (and very helpful) ability of being able to sense the emotions of others, Cammon has become an invaluable asset to the monarchy. Charged with discerning the true intentions of Princess Amalie's suitors, Cammon continually proves his worth and loyalty to those he loves.

However, all is not well in the Twelve Houses as war is imminent. When an audacious attack on the royal city is made everything changes and those in service to the king are forced to face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Senneth, the amazing lady she is, truly proves her strength as she rounds up mystics to help fight for the king and continues to be one of the most valuable assets with her smarts and ability to call fire. Unable to accept defeat, she willing does whatever is necessary in order to keep the throne out of the hands of Halchon Gisseltess and his supporters.

Reader and Raelynx just might have edged out Mystic and Rider for my favorite spot in this series -- it completely rocked. I almost felt the last book could have been condensed into an addendum to this one as it basically sets up everything that happens here. Shinn's masterful world-building is one of the biggest draws of this story. The politics of Gillengaria are fascinating with it's varying degrees of aristocracy and prejudices. Her treatment of mystics -- where their power comes from, how they are treated and the fact that they can't work magic on anyone outside of Gillengaria -- is just fascinating. This particular volume tied together many of the previous storylines and I am so happy to see there is one more book in this wonderful series to come.

reading order:
~ Mystic and Rider
~ The Thirteenth House
~ Dark Moon Defender
~ Reader and Raelynx
~ Fortune and Fate


Katie said...

I'm excited you started this. I'm totally going to read the first book in this series cause it sounds like something I would like.

Michelle said...

Thanks Katie, I think you'll like this series too! Saturday was a blast - I'm so glad we could get together!

Angiegirl said...

You have a blog and I did not know it!

Michelle said...

It's a VERY recent thing. You and some other wonderful bloggers have inspired me Angie!

Angiegirl said...

Awesome. Carry on!