Christmas Book Haul

I will get around to my Best Of 2016 post here in a bit, but this Christmas was exceptional in its book-as-presents status. So many new friends made their way to my shelves this year that I just wanted to share.

This was actually a little pre-Christmas treat yo self I got from The Ripped Bodice when I went down for a Penny Reid signing. And if you're wondering -- I adore Penny! She is so warm-hearted and funny and her books just make me smile. Anyways, I saw this little beauty and just knew it had to be mine!
Side note, here is the stairwell leading to the used books section at The Ripped Bodice. I now want to do my entire house like this.

A romance tree! So very festive.

I belong to two different book clubs -- and my online one, The YAckers, does a Sekrit Santa every year and honestly, it's probably the entire reason I joined. Look at the beauties Sandy sent me!!

My other book club meets IRL, which means we we go out to eat and chat about books for a bit then end up laughing at our hilariousness for the rest of the night. Good times. This year we decided to do a book exchange and I gifted the ever enjoyable Trouble is a Friend of Mine and received The True Meaning of Smekday in turn. Turns out the Smekday book is what the movie Home was based on (which the gifter didn't even realize -- she obviously doesn't have young kids) so naturally I  haven't had a change to even start it as my 8 year old has taken it over.

And finally, I've been salivating over this pulpy edition of P&P for awhile now and the hubby really came through this year. There is nothing better than finding Darcy under your Christmas tree. 

That's the goodies that came my way. What was in your holiday haul?


Angiegirl said...

That Pulp P&P. I gave it as a gift this year, and I just really need a copy of my own. It's so good.

Liviania said...

Love that pulpy P&P cover!