Signing with Victoria Schwab

I went to Utah a few months ago to visit family and while there found out, thanks to my fabulous YAckers friends, that the incredibly talented Victoria Schwab would be doing a signing at the King's English Bookstore in Salt Lake City to promote her newest YA book, This Savage Song.
Well. This news just made my entire month. 

Thanks to my mom who volunteered to watch my kids, I was able to carpool with the fabulous Holly from The Book Harbinger and we enjoyed catching up on our way up to the event.

Victoria was such an engaging, personable speaker. Instead of giving a prepared speech which she declared would be boring (at least for her lol), she invited audience members to ask questions and proceeded to give extremely in-depth and revealing answers.
She talked about how she plots her novels,
how she develops her characters (she works backwards, if you're curious),
how little star stickers motivate her as a writer(!),
and my personal favorite, when describing This Savage Song..."And then it goes horrifically wrong -- as all my books eventually do."

Simply put, she was amazing and made me love her that much more.

During the signing portion, we even fangirled over Cillian Murphy's cheekbones in Peaky Blinders together. My kind of people.
Sigh. Yet another embarrassing picture of me looking like a ridiculous lunatic while a talented author patiently endures my squeeing. 
Honestly, I am an intelligent adult capable of forming coherent sentences. just not in the presence of rock-star authors it seems.

After regaining my composure, I also got to hang out with my fellow YAckers Holly and Angie. I always love seeing those smart ladies!

Verdict on This Savage Song? Get it. Read it. It will make you feeeeel!