Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth always knew her family was holding onto generations worth of secrets but she never imagined she'd get a first-hand glimpse at them. It's her beautiful cousin Charlotte who has been prepped to become the next time traveller in the Shepherd family but instead it's Gwen who is suddenly disappearing from school into the 18th century without a clue of what to do. Enter the Guardians and her fellow time-traveler Gideon de Villiers (with eyes to die for ladies) who whisk Gwen off to a life of fabulous period dresses and mortal danger lurking in nearly every year she visits.

I really have no idea how a book in which so little happens could be so much fun. It must be the effortless inquisitiveness of Gwyneth and her best friend Leslie as they attempt to unravel the many, many mysteries of the new life Gwen has been throw into. Despite Gwen being completely unsure of her new role in all this time-travel business, she's not all 'boo hoo! poor me!' - she's actually excited to wear the clothes, see the sights, and get the answers to her questions! I just love me a proactive heroine. Plus Gwen and Leslie's friendship is plain awesome. Leslie is never jealous of Gwen's new 'talent,' frankly she's her biggest fan. And in turn Gwen doesn't forget about Leslie amidst all the drama of her new life. Leslie is still the first person to hear all about her crazy experiences. So very, very refreshing for a YA novel.

If that weren't enough, Ruby Red also offers up a centuries-old secret society (insert misogynist tendencies which I'm sure Gwen will only be too happy to break down), a fantastic Evil Mastermind who gives me the shivers, SECRETS, and the possibility of true love. That's a winning forumla right there my friends. It's no wonder Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red is a German bestseller, the plot is twisty and imaginative with plenty of intrigue and the characters are clever and entertaining. And I want the sequel, Sapphire Blue, like yesterday. Perhaps I could convince Gwen to let me use the famed chronograph to read the translation a bit earlier. I think in this case, she'd make an exception just for me.

series reading order:
~ Ruby Red
~ Sapphire Blue (Spring 2012)

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Unknown said...

You know, I've seen this book pop up every once in a while on the blogs, but I haven't stopped to read more abut it! I am certainly glad that I decided to check out your review! :D

This sounds amazing - and I am curious to see what you mean by "a book in which so little happens could be so much fun" - that sounds VERY promising!

Thanks for such an enthusiastic review!

Charlotte said...

Oh, me too viz the sequel!

Michelle said...

Epic Rat - this one really was a ton of fun. I heartily recommend it!

Charlotte - Yep. Want now.

ImageNations said...

You really did enjoy it. It isn't always that readers of serial books quest for sequels.