Bookish Fashion trends

Here's a couple of bookish items that have caught my eye the last couple of days.

It seems books are making quite the fashion statement. Natalie Portman recently showed up to a movie premiere with the perfect accessory: a clutch made from a copy of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.
I'm just happy to see her rocking such a bright red shade of lipstick too. Very fitting considering the book choice.

Secondly, this competition cracks me up to no end every single year. Unshelved hosts a yearly 'Pimp My Bookcart' competition - where creative librarians are asked to trick out their bookcarts for prizes and some serious bragging rights. This years winners included some extremely awesome entries. Be sure to check out all the competitors -- but here's a couple of my favorites:
The ReadBox - an interactive cart that allowed library patrons to find out how much they saved by borrowing library books instead of buying them. Genius!

A Stars Wars inspired cart. My favorite? Unshelved's description for the entry: "We imagine it as a large, heavily armed and armored bookmobile trying to bring books to illiterate rebel scum on a frozen wasteland." Picture me giggling incessantly now.


Chachic said...

Hahaha Michelle! I just went online and posted about the book clutch that Natalie Portman used. I Googled it and found out the designer who made them. I really want one but they're super expensive (around $1500, I think). It's just funny that we posted about the same thing. :)

Holly said...

Those clutches are divine. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

Love the ode to Star Wars, too. ;)

ImageNations said...

The Lolita handbag inspires me.

Viki said...

Great post, thank you for sharing.