Cover Alert: River Marked

Holy crap guys! I just saw this cover of the sixth Mercy Thompson book via KMont on Twitter - the lovely leading lady of Lurv a la Mode - and basically had to pick my jaw off the floor.
I am in love with every single thing about it and am now sitting here, all giddy-like, wondering if Patricia Briggs plans to give Mercy a taste of her own Native American heritage. Thoughts?

As for me: Can. Not. Wait.


Holly said...

Wow! This Native American vibe is very intriguing - thanks for sharing!

Angiegirl said...

I wonder if that will be the final cover? I saw it over at KMont's and I'm with you. Love it, as always. Particularly love Mercy's tatts on this one. Though BLOOD BOUND will always be my favorite cover. Dan Dos Santos just keeps the to-notch quality.

Michelle said...

Holly - my pleasure!

Angie - Yeah. Dan Dos Santos really can do no wrong in my eyes. And thanks for forwarding that like about him and the Mercy model. Wow. I had no idea she was real! Interesting stuff.