My inbox overfloweth

I have this friend who really likes fantasy books - especially the Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series - I'm thinking she has good taste. But she'd never heard of the Kate Daniels books and so I have been bugging her for some time to track them down cause I know she'll just love them. I even supplied her with my copy of Magic Bleeds since it hadn't become available on her Kindle yet.

I hadn't heard anything from her for almost a week until yesterday when I got the following texts on my phone:

MARY: Finished the Kate books! I luv Kate and Curran!
ME: yay!
MARY: Curran all growly and protective is  my favorite =)
ME: i know! isn't he just yummy?!
MARY: uh huh
ME: have u read MAGIC BLEEDS yet? it is AMAZING!!! it turned me to goo
MARY: Finished this morning! I luv-luv it! Your furriness! =o) i luv when she says that. i just luv those two crazy luv birds.
ME: Of course u luved it! i'm so happy ;)
MARY: their 'intimate' moments suits their relationship. I'm glad she [Ilona Andrews] wrote it that way. cuz their relationship is so...amazingly crazy.
ME: so happy.

My work here is done.


Angiegirl said...

*highfive* You talented bookpusher, you.

Michelle said...

Angie - Made my day completely ;)

Chachic said...

Still sad that we don't have these books in all of the branches of my favorite bookstore here. I know because I called each branch to ask.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know I've started Ellen Emerson White's "The President's Daughter" series (per your multiple recommendations), and I am LOVING it so far. Meg's family's dynamic is so fantastic. I love their senses of humor--they're as snarky as my siblings and I. :)