Why YA?

In keeping with the festive spirit of Young Adult Appreciation Month over at The Book Smugglers, tonight I've brought out the big guns in order to answer the question once and for all, Why YA? That's right my friends, tonight for your viewing pleasure I've prepared a list. A list detailing the top five reasons why I choose to read YA. They're pretty basic points, and ones I'm sure that won't really surprise you, but basically I'm pretty basic like that. Also, I'm very repetitive.

1. The Books (well, duh): Pages and pages of stories about teens (ordinary and not so much) caught up in extraordinary struggles. All of which must occur against the messy awkwardness that we call high school and growing up. Thrilling stuff indeed.

2. The Authors: Because they are far more witty than I could ever be. Because they articulate their passion for YA books in ways I always want to. Because they make me think harder about the books I'm reading. Because they tackle tricky topics in new and intriguing ways. Because their book recommendations are superb. 

3. The Readers: I'm sorry, but YA has some of the best fans and readers ever to grace the steps of a bookstore. Seriously. No other group can boast the dedication it takes to host an epic YA Fantasy Showdown, wear (or make) winning bookish-inspired apparel, or shower the authors we love with constant praise and adoration. Not to mention hosting a month-long YA celebration. 

4. The Girls: Girls that make me cheer, girls that make me proud. Tough, smart girls that keep on going when it seems like the entire world is stacked against them. Girls that I still want to be when I grow up.

5. The Boys: Couldn't leave this one off the list, could I? Because no respectable YA book is without the heart-breaker, the bad boy, the geek, the boy next door, the hero, or the best friend turned something more. Each one is vastly different, but they all manage to bring something brilliant to every story.

Why do you YA?


Chachic said...

Hey, you did a YAAM post too! :) I did one where I answered my own feature and gave reasons on why I ♥ YA. But I love your list, I think it sums up all the good things about YA pretty well. LOL, it's funny that you included both the girls and the boys because they really do make YA books awesome.

Ana said...

Yep, what you said!! : D

Suey said...

I YA for all those exact same reasons. AND because even though I'm OLD now, I still totally feel YA. Really. The outside changes, but the inside does not.

Michelle said...

Chachic - Oh fun! I'm glad you answered your own questions. I'll have to go make some recommendations of my own ;)

Ana - Thanks again for hosting such a great event!

Suey - Exactly! I'm not at all a teen anymore either, but reading these books reminds me just how it felt back then.

Holly said...

Fun post, Michelle. I'll have to go check out all your author links.