The Call of the Reread

Lately I've been feeling the pull to revisit some of my best loved books. Whenever life gets particularly crazy, I've noticed I tend to return once again to those tried and true favorites. Since I usually don't even want to think about picking up anything new, I tend to fall into my comfort reads and not worry about anything else. Without fail, I emerge from these binges feeling much refreshed and satisfied with the state of my library for containing such treasures. Although, consequently, sometimes these spurts do tend to lead to shopping sprees as I decide, once and for all, that I cannot live without such-and-such book.

I don't really have any particular book that I reread on a regular basis. This time around I found myself drawn to Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James and Fire by Kristin Cashore - both perfect books, but very different in terms of story. What they had in common was that both were just right for what I wanted at the time. In all actuality, you could probably pinpoint my exact mood by looking back at what books I choose for a reread. In the case of Just the Sexiest Man Alive, I was days away from heading down to LA for my beach vacation with good friends and wanted to catch the flirty and hilarious mood inherent in this (or any) Julie James novel. With Fire, I started in late one night, not wanting to do much besides curl up on my couch while waiting for the hubby to come home. Two vastly different books, but both hit just the right nerve for my mood.

What are some of your favorite rereads? Do you any particular books you gravitate towards at certain times?


Angiegirl said...

Oh, excellent choices. I'm never going to tire of re-reading FIRE. And Julie James is perfect vacation reading.

I always end up turning to the usual suspects, I think. McKinley, Shinn, Marillier, White. I'm excessively predictable. Though I foresee a lot of Briggs, Andrews, and Rees Brennan in my re-reading future as well. ;)

Makayla said...

Usually, when I want to reread, I just start going down the line on my shelf! Most of all, when I reread, I usually want something intense or nuanced, because I love picking up on something new that I hadn't noticed before.
I recently started rereading the Harry Potter series (for about the thousandth time), and I find myself delighting in all the hints of what's to come that Rowling slipped into her books. I just love the world of wizards that she created. :)

Chachic said...

I love the two books that you mentioned! I remember seeing your tweets about Fire. And Julie James' books are perfect light reads. I keep hoping to discover more chick lit writers like her but I haven't been successful so far.

I haven't had time to re-read lately. I keep feeling the pressure to read the books in my TBR. Angie mentioned some of the authors that I'd love to re-read like Shinn, Marillier and Andrews. I've re-read McKinley several times in the past. Also, Megan Whalen Turner and Sherwood Smith are comfort reads for me. :)

Michelle said...

Angie - Nothing wrong with being predictable, nothing whatsoever. Especially when you have such good authors you vary between!

Makayla - YES! That is exactly right. I love discovering new each time I pick up a well written book - even when you know what will happen, it can still surprise you. I hear you on a HP reread, that needs to happen soon.

Chachic - Sometimes that TBR pile is just so daunting, isn't it. But you named some very good choices for rereads, so hopefully you'll find some time for them in the future.

Emilyandherlittlepinknotes said...

I recently read and loved Graceling (I loved it I have to post my review soon, right now it's a good six pages on paper),I am glad that I still have Fire to discover.
Books that I wouldn't mind re-reading (I usually re-read my favorite scenes):
* Rites of Spring by Diana Peterfreund
* The Secret World of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (some people find it shallow I find it hilarious)
* boy meets girl by Meg Cabot (it makes me laugh)
* the last summer of me and you by Ann Brashares (love her writing style)