Literary Love

Inaugurated in February 2010, Literary Love was created as a two week long celebration of those unforgettable and extraordinary literary couples we've had the privilege to meet - recently or long ago - in our favorite books. During those two weeks leading up to Valentines Day, Literary Love festivities will span a variety of genres to  include guest posts, giveaways, book reviews and the occasional love letter to a certain memorable character.

If you are interested in contribuing to Literary Love 2011 (guest post, giveaway, review, etc.), please feel free to email me.

2010 Literary Love Posts:
Coming Soon
Kick Off: Literary Love 2010
Classic Literary Love: Jane & Rochester
Urban Fantasy Couples
Book Review: Cotillion by Georgette Heyer
YA Fiction couples
Jane Austen E-Cards
Polls Open: Literary Love 2010 
Guest Post: Angie of Angieville "It's All About the Slow Burn"
Guest Post: Aimee of My Fluttering Heart
Guest Post: Brenda Loves Books
THE Letter
Guest Post: Rhiannon Hart
Bookish Romantic Movies
But Where Are They Now?

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