Neil Gaiman goes Yellow

Neil Gaiman is a genius. An evil genius to be sure but still, a genius.

I just finished Anansi Boys a few days ago and I must tell you that it rocked my socks and then some. Loved it to little bits. Especially these few lines when Fat Charlie and Spider are discussing Rosie's mum:
"I really, really never liked her."

"I didn't know her as well as you did. But given time, I'm sure I would have really, really disliked her too."
The cleverness kills me.

After finishing up, I started poking around his journal (a very fun place to be btw) and discovered this little tidbit: Neil Gaiman is going to be a guest star on an episode of The Simpsons called "The Book Job" which will air sometime next year. My favorite bit from his blog however is describing how the director wanted his character to sound:
Him: "Can you do an American accent that would sound to Americans like Dick Van Dyke's English accent sounded to you?" Me: "Er..."
Must watch that episode.


Brenda said...

I really like Neil Gaiman, but haven't read Anansi boys yet. Stardust is my favorite of his.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Ack! I have this on audio, but I forgot I had it. Need to get on this right away!