Veronica Who?

Up until a couple of days ago that would have been my response anytime someone mentioned their love of the now off-air quirky television show Veronica Mars.
Somehow, perhaps due that comfy little rock I was living under, I managed to never even have caught a glimpse or peek of a single episode of the phenomenon that is known as Veronica Mars. But as almost any blogger can attest, it's an unusual week when I don't come across at least one reference to that iconic TV show, inevitably leaving me scratching my head or trying to puzzle through just what I was missing out on.

Until two days ago, that is.

On my usual blogsphere rounds, I stopped by GreenBeanTeenQueen's site for a visit when she happened to mention a Veronica Mars re-watch hosted by a couple of bloggers and she casually added you could watch the episodes online for free. Hmmm... Well, I figured, now I have no excuse. Since I was looking at a free evening, I settled in to at least watch the first episode to finally see for myself what all the fuss was about. Three hours and as many episodes later, I can honestly say that that is some seriously addictive awesome stuff. With a side of caustic sass that I could never resist.

So now I'm sorta cursing my little comfy rock for shielding me from this unusual teenage detective for so many years, but I've seen the light: I am proud to be the newest convert in what can only be described as a dedicated and devoted following. But that's all I can say about Veronica's acerbic yet intelligent wit for now - I've got some serious watching and catching up to do.


Angiegirl said...

I told you! *crows*

Hehehehe. Oh, there's no looking back now. And only awesome ahead. You must keep me updated.

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

I love Veronica Mars! I'm so sad this show is over.

Brenda said...

My sister loves this show, but I've never watched an episode. Maybe someday. Right now I'm catching up on all the seasons I missed of Supernatural.

Michelle said...

Angie - *shrugs* What can I say, it is fantastic! I just should have listened to everyone a little sooner.. okay, but what is up with everyone's love for Logan? As of now (I'm about 6 episodes in) he is a total jerk. How in the heck does he become a love interest??

Kay - Sad indeed. I can't believe it took me so long to discover it!

Brenda - I know what you mean, it feels like I'm always catching up with something, but when you get a spare moment, this is the show you want to check out.

Angiegirl said...

You will see. I envy you getting to watch it for the first time. My jaw about hit the floor when it happened. And from that point on I was utterly lost.

哲宇 said...
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