March Madness

Well, not that March Madness.

But there are several bookish competitions going down in the month of March in honor of that time honored championship.

The School Library Journal's Battle of the Kids' Book - first round starts March 15th with what looks to be a hilarious match-up of various kids books battling it out for top honors. I don't know where I first heard about this one, but anytime I get to do a bracket I'm happy as a clam.

Nerds Heart YA - A tourney for underrepresented YA novels and accepting nominations through March 31. The guidelines? 
1.    Title can have no more than 15 reviews published throughout the book blogosphere
2.    Title must be either authored by or include a character within the following category:
  • Person(s) of Color (POC)
  • GLBT
  • Disability/Mental Illness
  • Religious Lifestyle
  • Lower Socioeconomic Status
3.   All titles must have been published between January 1 – December 31, 2009
Wow. I am seriously looking forward to this short-list.


DA BWAHA 2010 - How do you say man titty in French? You can bet SB Sarah and SB Wendy know. And that is why these two hilarious maidens have once again (for the third year running!) set the awsomeness that is DA BWAHA in motion. Go, fill out a bracket, spread the word and maybe even win a little something. It's all fun and games folks.

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