Back on the Shelf

Like many other readers, I have a TBR pile that is never-ending and threatening to overtake me at any moment (personally I think of it as creative book storage). I enjoy nothing better than opening a book for the first time and not knowing what to expect from a new author. Sometimes, I'm immediately drawn into the lives of soliders, shapeshifters, or even a depressed robot. Others, I'm left feeling decidely underwhelmed and have a hard time even finishing the book. When that happens, I'm more than tempted to put it right back on the shelf becuase I feel like there are so many other books crying for my attention.

I recently started Aprilynne Pike's debut Wings, which has received some mixed reviews, and am having a heck of a time finishing it. It's most recent and perhaps dubious honor is that it is to be slated for the big screen starring Miley Cyrus as the confused teen Laurel. Miley? Understand now why I'm having trouble getting through it? After starting and stopping for the last couple of days, I've officially decided to label it as a DNF. Sad yes, but necessary. And now I'm onto bigger and better things: like Fire or Ilona Andrews latest, or maybe even Fragile Eternity..

What makes a book a DNF for you? Do you finish books no matter what or do you have a Must Read at Least 70 Pages Then Discard policy?


Angiegirl said...

I feel better for avoiding WINGS now that I've read your DNF review. I just kept getting a lame vibe and, after reading the first chapter online, that feeling was not changed.

I don't have to finish a book at all cost, but I do like to give it a good 100 pages. That's not a hard and fast rule, but I hate wimping out if I don't feel like I've given it a fair shot.

Cherie said...

Augh! I hate starting a bad book, because I feel like I have to finish it (it's like a bad run that you feel like you just have to push through). It will sit on my nightstand for weeks, punishing me from starting a new one until that one is done. I just finished a book that I didn't love, and hated the ending (House of Sand and Fog). I wish I had your strength!

Michelle said...

Angie - Yeah, I like the idea for this one (faeries as plants) but the execution was off - I kept hoping it would start to pick up, but no luck. Good to hear you don't have an absolute rule either - mine is pretty flexible.

Cherie - I too know the all consuming feeling of guilt when you 'wimp' out on finishing a book and start in on something else. You feel like a cheater right? This one was pretty bad or I don't think I would have had the guts to stop.

Holly said...

Thanks for the review! I really thought about giving Wings a try as well but read enough lukewarm reviews of it that I decided not to.

I don't have a hard or fast rule but I usually try to give a book at least 50 pages if not a 100. I do feel pressured to finish some bad books though so I can give it a fair critical review. The Actor and the Housewife, for example. But in the end I don't think it was worth it on that one because it really affected me so I probably won't be finishing a particularly horrible book in the future.

Michelle said...

Holly - There are totally some books I wish I had never finished too. And I'm equally glad I haven't picked up the Actor and The Housewife yet because I think I'd have problems with it.